Friday, November 14, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Grand Canyon 2008 Azra River Trip Summary mht only

Sept 13-22 River Trip on 2008 page

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Below are two photos of trip participants - order is left to right

Top Row:  Sueanne Kubicek, Bill Merrow, Connie Mann, Jan Taylor, Tony Taylor, Brenda Robinson, Ken Kaemmerle, Linda Guarino, Sandy Ryan, Cheryl Ossenfort, John Ossenfort
Wayne is in the middle in white shirt.

Bottom Row:  Inge Hilberg, Gloria Mancuso, Gail Jensen, Glenn Dielmann, Sue Alcott, Toni Kaus, Mike Miller, Mary Trevor 

Later photo (we are all scruffier)
Top Row:  Sueanne, Connie, Toni, Bill, Mary, John, Cheryl, Ken, Linda, Mike, Sandy, Tony, Wayne
Bottom Row:  Inge, Gail, Gloria, Glenn, Sue, Brenda, Jan