Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2008 Day 10 - Sept 22 mile 215.6-225 Diamond Creek

Day 10 - Sept 22 mile 215.6-225 Diamond Creek

Last Day - and another great place to wake up

Mile 216 we camped adjacent to this lava flow overlaying old river gravels and Tapeats

Our totally fantastic AZRA team (Ed, Cassey, Louise, Rob) they rock (had to have a geology connection for this geology log)

Last Geology talk by Wayne - focus is on the upcoming Hurricane Fault plus impact of volcanism in this part of the canyon

Mile 216 08:43 area - impact of lava/volcanism remains clear



Mile 220 09:15 eroded Diamond Creek pluton in mid channel - we see this periodically until we pull out

Mile 222.8 09:36 Diamond Peak ahead - Redwall Limestone forms the peak with Proterozoic rocks visible at river level


Mile 226 09:46 fluting in granitic rocks of the Diamond Creek pluton - this forms the walls just before Diamond Creek and is part of the Ruby Creek Superunit

All things come to an end and we leave the river at Mile 225 (group photo below was actually taken 9/15)

End of Part 1 - Day 10 is done, 2008 river trip is over

2008 Day 9 - Sept 21 mile 175.9 - 215.6 Opposite 3 Springs Camp Lava

Day 9 - Sept 21 mile 175.9 - 215.6 Opposite 3 Springs Camp Lava

Another beautiful camp to wakeup in

The moon provided early light

I woke up early and quickly figured out it must be Lava Day

Wayne's talk is about how lava dominated this part of the canyon

Talk done we hit the river and soon we see blocks of eroded lava

Mile 177.8 we approach a part of the canyon with numerous faults and associated lava flows created the scenery - in places it literally filled the canyon, was eroded, refilled - multiple times - and in other places more dikes of lava are seen

Mile 178 09:27 One lava pipe even erupted in the river and the remnant is named Vulcan's Anvil  -
 a dike can be seen to the side of the river.  These were all parts of the feeder system supplying volcanoes above.

09:45 approaching Lava Falls

09:47 Lava flows dominate the scenery - in places it literally filled the canyon

10:05 classic structure of slowly cooled basalt topped by a portion that cooled more quickly

10:23 here lava  flowed into the canyon from above

Mile 183.5 (approx) 10:35 great example of basalt columnar jointing - Wayne discussed at some length

Mile 186 10:37 we see remnants of volcanoes on the rim above  large flows ahead large cone is at Mile 187

Mile 189 schist island


Mile 187 detail of some of the jointing and flows

Mile 187.5 old channel filled with lava - this is part of the ancient Whitmore Wash (different angle than below)

Mile 188 view back upstream towards the ancient Whitmore Wash

Mile 196 12:00 Frogy Fault or Below Frogy lunch spot scenery

Mile 204.5 Below Spring Canyon Camp

Mile 212.9 14:54 Pumpkin Spring

As we approach our last camp site we see a great lava exposure - here the flow went down the old river on top of river gravels and Tapeats.  Later erosion of a new river channel cut thru these layers exposed here

Another angle with a better view of same exposure

Last camp on the river - Opposite Three Springs

End of Part 1 - Day 9 is done

2008 Day 8 - Sept 20 mile 151.3-175.9 Below Red Slide Camp

Day 8 - Sept 20 mile 151.3-175.9 Below Red Slide Camp part 1

Day 8 passing Ledges - this was a nice boulder field to hike thru - river is still red but is just starting to clear

Mile 152ish we pass a nice waterfall in the Muav at river edge - from the debris we can see even this little pouroff feeds boulders and sediment into the river

Mile 153.5 08:22 Sinyella Rapid

Mile 154 this was a beautiful day - and one of the clearest I have seen in the Grand Canyon - I believe air clarity was as good as I have seen in a looong time

Mile 154.8 rockfall in Muav Groge created island in mid river

Detail at lower right of Muav pouroff - note someone left the shower running

Mile 155 Louise convinced me this was a great way to experience the river trip - and she was RIGHT!  Muav Gorge was grand

Mile 156.2 Havasu Rapid and Canyon is just around the bend ahead

Mile 156.7 09:00 We tie up to the Muav ledges for our hike into Havasu Canyon

End of Part 1 - Day 8 continued

While hiking as usual I just post the time as it is all around river mile 156.7 we walk back a bit to enter Havasu Canyon

09:11 we get our first look into Havasu Canyon

09:12 the mixing of the waters . . .

09:15 we turn the corner and this is a magical place

09:18 We cross the creek (with care)

09:22 A little easy hiking

09:40 And an easy climb or two

And we reach the motor pool and spread out and enjoy a couple hours

Lounging around

In this paradise

Rob knows the best places

All so soon it's time to head back

And head on down river

End of Part 2 - Day 8 to be continued

3rd and final part for day 8 - we head downriver after spending a few hours hiking Havasu Canyon (3 hours and 35 minutes but who watches time in the GC)

12:30 Rob climbs up to remove a mooring rope

Mile 157 And we head down river

to a lunch spot around First Chance

Ed scouts then climbs up a pouroff to see what lies above

It was a pretty spot

We head downriver again

Enjoying the ride as we pass small camps

And big horn

Great scenery

Mile 175 Red Slide is a landslide in the Supai

Rubble towers protected from erosion by capstones

Detail showing the capstones

View from Below Red Slide Camp

Chair Circle in Below Red Slide Camp

Groover view - one of the best

End of Part 3 - Day 8 is done