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2008 Day 7 - Sept 19 mile 133.5-151.3 Upper Ledges Camp

Day 7 - Sept 19 mile 133.5-151.3  Upper Ledges Camp part 1 of 2

Mile 133.5 Racetrack Camp - a great place to wakeup

Sunrise on Redwall with diabase sill intruded into Bass Limestone below - our camp backed up to diabase

Mile 133.6 as we pull out of Racetrack and approach Tapeats Rapid we see a  giant slump on river right that blocked the original channel and rerouted the river - this slump is seen on both sides of the river and seen all the way up into Surprise Valley above Thunder River

Mile 135 Granite Narrows - narrowest point in Grand Canyon - the river is 76 feet wide and 100 feet deep in this young channel carved into the Vishnu Schist after the Surprise Valley slump blocked the old river channel

Mile 135.2 Christmas Tree Cave

Mile 136.2 Deer Creek Falls - note the great unconformity just below where water exits the narrows

note the great unconformity just below where water exits the narrows

Mile 138 middle Granite Gorge has ended but this is still an impressive area along the river

Mile 14x a pouroff above in the Redwall must be impressive when running - see the boulders along the river!

Bighorn boulders - there are a number of pouroffs with boulder fields and lots of bighorn sheep today!

End of Part 1 - Day 7

Day 7 - Sept 19 mile 133.5-151.3  Upper Ledges Camp part 2 of 2 Matkat

Mile 147.9 15:00 we climb up Matkatamiba Canyon (a great place if you like Muav Limestone up close and personal) - here a chimney move is needed

Last part of climb up dry fall - access a more level trail leading to Matkat patio

15:39 Matkatamiba patio had a number of seeps - here is one with ferns and ivy growing out of the seep

Of course the seeps have geologic impact - they are a major contributor to erosion via spring sapping as seen in the lower part of the cliff below where large block have fallen

Before leaving MatKat a butt dam is formed - from left Brenda, Cheryl Ossenfort, Louise, Sue Alcott, Sueanne Kubicek, Gloria Mancusco, Gail, Inge, x, Rob Eliott (right) - Jan standing behind

Mile 149.75 16:23 we run Upset Rapid (which is in the Muav Gorge - this started back around river mile 140 and extends roughly 40 miles)

Mile 151ish Muav Gorge is even better in this view looking upstream

Mile 151.3 We camp at Upper Ledges

Sueanne and I hiked down to Ledges Camp at mile 151.5 - I did the easy climb up above cliffs and contoured over then down to river level while Sueanne went straight up by the chimney above our camp and over on a ledge  (this was impressive to watch!)
here is the lower part of Ledges with Crimson Monkeyflowers  growing out of a seep

Sueanne goes ahead to upper fall

While I relax near the shore

Looking back at Upper Ledges campsite from Ledges (the white specs are the boats)

Upper Ledges Campsite - did I mention sharing campsites with large friendly boulders?  They do make great camp furniture but are poor foot-friends in the dark!

Rob Elliot cooking

no chair circle needed in this camp - lots of seating

End of Part 2 - Day 7 done

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