Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2008 Day 4 - Sep 16 mile 71.5-85 Cardenas Camp to Salt

Day 4 - From Cardenas Camp to Salt mile 71.5-85

06:25 Moon sets as we pack up

07:44 river deposits on top of supergroup across from our camp

08:20 we leave our camp and soon stop at Unkar delta- image is of park service camp

08:27 we stop at Unkar delta where Ranger Mandi Toy explains the arch site analysis and stabilization work we will see- this is the last opportunity as tomorrow the site is to be reburied

08:40 Mandy passes around pottery shards and discusses them

08:55 we observe the arch site team at work

 09:21 as we leave we see a survey team recording the findings - the site is to be reburied the next day (this will protect the site and its finds)

09:52 Mile 74.5 we see the Shinumo Quartzite rise out of the water (it is actually a mix of cliff forming sandstones and quartzite).  It is under the Dox and above the forthcoming Hakatai Shale. 

Mile 75 the red Hakatai Shale become visible around the next bend

10:02 RM76.2 here is a great view of the Hakatai Shale (the slopes under the Shinumo Quartzite) - hiking on Hakatai Shale can be like walking on ball bearings

Mile 76.8 Hotauta Conglomerate Member of Bass Limestone appears at water level

Mile 77 Inner Gorge first appears under the Bass Limestone Hotauta Conglomerate Member

Mile 77.x Granite Gorge rapidly rises - the dark rock is the Vishnu Schist and the pink is Zoroaster Granite

Mile 82 Rob discusses the Upper Granite Gorge

Mile 84 we approach Clear Creek

Rob ties up to the Vishnu Schist at Just Below Clear Creek Camp

We climb up and over the fins of Vishnu Schist into Clear Creek drainage

We walk up to creek

To the waterfall - nice Zoroaster Granite exposure

We walk back and climb back to where we left the boat (hot and "interesting" climb over the fins in the Vishnu Schist)

Mile 85 we proceed downriver, stopping at Phantom and camping at Salt

end of Day 4

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