Wednesday, December 28, 2011

9/11 Memorial Christmas Day 2011

We spent Christmas afternoon at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City
Although the museum is under construction, this is a "must see" if in New York.
Tickets are free / available at but plan ahead as there is a significant wait.

Walking into the Memorial site the largest image is that of the new One WTC going up - Freedom Tower

but the 9/11 Memorial is centered on the footprints of the old World Trade Center North and South Towers - you are constantly reminded this is a construction site

 below is the new museum - it is between the old tower footprints
 each tower footprint is surrounded by a low wall engraved with the names of the fallen

south tower footprint - each footprint is a pool constantly replenished by a waterfall

museum is itself still a construction site

 museum and south tower footprint

north tower footprint - note names of the dead are backlit and visible by day or night

museum and new Freedom Tower

north tower pool and museum

site at sunset

as we walk away from the site we see Freedom Tower with coloured lights - Merry Christmas to all 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Magazines I subscribe to and their RSS status

Revised Mar 2104 Magazines I subscribe to/read - rss==in my reader
cIDs authoritative source (drop/add realtime) - this copy less often:
EE Times rss
EE Times Embedded Archive link 

ESD Embedded Systems Design 
EDN Electronic Design News rss 
Electronic Design http://electronicdesign RSS
Design News Sherlock Ohms & Designed By Monkeys - rss
Design News (UBM) - rss
Electronic Products - rss
T&MW Test and Measurement World - rss
VSD Vision Systems Design - rss Boards/Fact Auto
Assembly get paper copy - rss
MH&L Material Handling & Logistics News - rss
HPAC Engineering NOrss
Control Engineering LP;NOrss
Plant Engineering NOrss
IMPO Industrial Maintenance and Plant Operation NOrss KillList
TMCnet rss
ECN Electronic Component News - rss
DE Desktop Engineering - rss
EEandT Energy Efficiency and Technology - rss
NASA Tech Briefs - rss
Military and Aerospace Electronics NOrss follow channels
Avionics Intelligence Newsletter - email
Defense Systems - rss
Lightwave NOrss
Wireless Design and Development NOrss
CED Broadband focus rss
IW Industry Week - rss
Business Solutions - NOrss
LFW Laser Focus World - rss
BioOptics World - rss
R&D Magazine - rss
Chemical Processing - rss
BioPharm - rss
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - rss
Drug Discovery and Development - NOrss
Medical Design Technology - rss 
Medical Design Briefs - NOrss (was but cannot find now) sister pub of NASA tech briefs
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry - rss
Suppliers to Medical Industry rss (in gReader; MPMN&blog articles good)
InfoTech Spotlight content at rss
TN TechNet rss (for security notices)
Baseline Mag get paper copy - rss
InformationWeek rss rss
MCM rss
SCMR Supply Chain Management Review rss
PC World rss
PC Mag digital edition Zinio on iPad/PC rss

Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 River Trip Day 16 10/9 exit via Diamond Creek, lavacados photos/story

2011 River Trip Day 16 exit via Diamond Creek, lavacados photos/story

06:28 sunrise
 06:28 last breakfast

07:39 small scorpion in camp
 07:46 Teddy
 07:59 heading downriver

 10:06 takeout ahead
 10:07 pull in and unload gear
 10:27 gear unloaded - next we will derig boats - we all helped

 14:08 route 66 stop for ice cream

 19:40 dinner


2011 River Trip Day 15 10/8 Mile 215 Camp Indian Canyon Bundy jars, Pumpkin Spring jump

2011 River Trip Day 15 10/8 Mile 215 Camp Indian Canyon Bundy jars, Pumpkin Spring jump

breakfast french toast syrup bacon left over spice cake
lunch tortillas celery, onions, jalapenos
dinner green chili 

06:20 wakeup in Whitmore Camp
 07:44 Jackie Little
 07:44 Michael and Chris
 07:44 Tabitha and Sarol Gay
 07:45 Capn Jack and Jody
 07:45 Dennis Smoldt
 07:45 Teddy with Holly and Kati in background
 07:45 Gary Stock
 07:45 James Rayment at right

 08:44 we are heading downriver - we have miles to cover today
 12:07 we stop for lunch and a hike at Indian Canyon
 12:12 lunch table and prep work
 12:20 Gary Stock, James Rayment and Bill went exploring - 
 12:21 James, Gary and I above camp

12:21 Gary below (note the bare feat he is climbing with on HOT rocks)
 12:22 Bill
 12:24 James Rayment
 12:25 Gary and James
 12:35 part of our lunch or a weird ailment
 13:05 after lunch to do a brief hike up Indian Canyon to see the Bundy jars
 13:09 part of a flint arrowhead
 13:13 on Indian Canyon hike
 14:32 we head downriver - here we are approaching Pumpkin Springs here we get off the boats and hike over Tapeats boulders
 14:45 here is a pothole - formed by water swirling a small rock against the boulder
 14:46 Bill standing in a shallow pot hole
 14:47 much deeper pothole
 14:50 climbing over large Tapeats boulders
 15:02 we reach Pumpkin Spring and enjoy the scenery
 15:13 James jumping off edge at Pumpkin Spring
 15:14 Bill jumping (thanks to James for the photo)
 15:19 we are heading downriver again
15:46 Teddy looking ahead towards our mile 215 camp
 16:14 we stop and setup camp - my campsite below
 16:14 groover approach
 16:15 groover
 16:15 groover view
 16:30 large tarantula that shared camp with us
 16:36 camp view
 16:41 cicada

 18:05 sunset of our last night in Grand Canyon