Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 River Trip Day 10 Spencer to Pearce Ferry

we wake up extra early

06:53 loading the boat

07:03 view above our camp

07:04 sunrise hits the cliffs above our camp

we head on down the river



07:58 AM reflections

08:06 scenery and friends

09:09 Peggy and Beth Rambikur

10:00 trip guest book is passed around and we add our notes

10:04 and rest of day - we see at least 50 choppers - noise is incredible

10:21 Skywalk

JZ: Ed

10:40 we pass the bat guano cave - artifacts from mining

11:36 nearing end of canyon

only excitement today was the great motor rebuild - the cooling intake tube was clogged or the pump was not working

JZ: Howard and Ed Hibbard

JZ: moon over the Colorado

JZ: Vivian and Clay

JZ: Vivian, Laura, Delores and Nancy

12:41 out of canyon and into flat open area with dense greenery along the river

12:54 approaching Pearce Ferry

We land shortly after 1PM, get off the boat and . . .
13:18 unloading the boat

19:53 post trip dinner photo

2010 River Trip Day 9 Pumpkin Spring to Spencer RM246 river left

Day 9 from Pumpkin Spring to Spencer

RM230.6 Travertine Grotto
RM246 Spencer

We get up early, pack and get on the river as we have a way to go

08:37 morning raven 

08:37 we board the boat

08:39 raven says "Hurry, this is my camp now!"

08:41 goodbye Pumpkin Spring - see you again in 2011 

08:42 megaslide backward tilting blocks

08:53 lava flow filled the ancient river channel on top of Tapeats and was later eroded down into the Tapeats which forms the ledge along the river we see thru this section

08:57 eroded lava boulders

08:57 lava flow on top of tapeats

08:58 another beautiful day on the river

09:01 enjoying the scenery 

09:01 Howard - love the pin laden trophy hat

09:14 Dory and oar boat river trip we have seen several times

09:32 John Zambrano photo of us heading down river

09:35 am reflections

09:30 notice the bathtub ring from unusually low river level of 8000cfs

09:32 downriver view 

09:32 downriver view detail

 09:35 am reflections

10:02 Diamond Peak

10:57 hot day and hydration was key to comfort
 12:14 RM230.6 we stop at Travertine Grotto

JZ: RM230.6 approaching Travertine Grotto on river left


JZ: Vivian Ross

12:30 Travertine Grotto - a welcome opportunity to get wet in clean water

John Zambrano

Getting ready for group photo

12:33 Travertine Grotto - group photos by my camera and John Z

12:36 butt dam at Travertine Grotto (Bill, Jamie, Jeff Eorio and Wayne)

13:01 back on the river - nice polished inner gorge rock

13:03 passing Travertine Falls - I have stopped here before - less crowded than Travertine Grotto (also less water but still very nice)

some more John Zambrano photos as we head downriver
JZ: Howard Capito

JZ: Dana Wingate

JZ: Laura Zambrano

JZ: Nancy Seaman

JZ: Pastor Beta Rambikur

JZ: Tedi and Bill Johnson

15:50 or so we stop at Spencer camp - our last stop on the river

16:00 obligatory groover photo at Spencer Camp

16:40 camp sweet camp . . .

camp surgeon removes a splinter

16:53 JZ photo of Bill

17:58 looking across the river from Spencer Camp

17:59 last chair circle on the river 

18:06 near sunset looking back upriver

18:06 detail

18:38 moon rises - almost full so rises at sunset