Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 River Trip Day 10 Spencer to Pearce Ferry

we wake up extra early

06:53 loading the boat

07:03 view above our camp

07:04 sunrise hits the cliffs above our camp

we head on down the river



07:58 AM reflections

08:06 scenery and friends

09:09 Peggy and Beth Rambikur

10:00 trip guest book is passed around and we add our notes

10:04 and rest of day - we see at least 50 choppers - noise is incredible

10:21 Skywalk

JZ: Ed

10:40 we pass the bat guano cave - artifacts from mining

11:36 nearing end of canyon

only excitement today was the great motor rebuild - the cooling intake tube was clogged or the pump was not working

JZ: Howard and Ed Hibbard

JZ: moon over the Colorado

JZ: Vivian and Clay

JZ: Vivian, Laura, Delores and Nancy

12:41 out of canyon and into flat open area with dense greenery along the river

12:54 approaching Pearce Ferry

We land shortly after 1PM, get off the boat and . . .
13:18 unloading the boat

19:53 post trip dinner photo

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