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2010 River Trip Day 7 09/18 Football Camp RM137.7 to Above Lava Camp RM178 Matkat, Havasu, Red Slide

September 18 2010 - Day 7
sights include 
Matkat RM147.9 
Havasu 156.7
Red Slide 175.9

05:57 I get up early - here is my campsite in Football RM137.7 as I get ready to pack it up - last night was unusual in that the sleeping bag was needed

07:19 we were in bright sun this morning with many in chair circle facing into the sun

07:19 Jamie and Brandon plan the day ahead

07:20 John Zambrano

07:25 Jamie pumps up the boat

08:22 our assigned raven says it is time to get moving

08:28 pass the arch site we visited last night

09:12 today's "Bet you cannot see ME bighorn"

09:13 one of many bighorn today (and most days on this trip)

 09:24 passing sheer rock face

09:37 Muav below Redwall Limestone - priceless

thanks to Art/Delores and Jeff Eorio for most of the Matkat photos below
Here is a link to the Manburg photos (loaded on flickr).

Matkat RM147.9 has a low (and very wet) route as well as a "high" route

09:57 everyone gets wet at the start

Laura says this route is just a little wet (John Zambrano provided this photo)
10:17 Jeff photo of patio

10:30 Matkat has a fantastic patio area with the canyon continuing at the bushes (the Eorios and I went up a couple hundred yards and it appears to continue for quite a ways)

10:39 Jeff Eorio down in Matkat (photo by Kevin)

Jeff Eorio provided the next 12 photos

Bill at Matkat patio

back to Delores Manburg photos

10:49 the "high" route out provides nice views of Matkat canyon from above

10:51 the "high" route out provides nice views of Matkat canyon from above

10:56 Peggy is almost out

10:57 feet dry (or at least drying)

Jeff Eorio took this photo of the Philomena tied up at Matkat

11:01 back at the river

returning to my photos . . .
11:27 boat driving - is this a "job" or just plain fun??

11:28 great companions

11:29 grotto in Muav

11:30 Muav - notice the amphitheater above

11:30 this is a desert but it is full of flora and fauna

11:36 nice rock to take the sun on
 11:37 Pouroff with deposits of Travertine below and left

11:38 Muav gorge views are always grand

12:39 scenery does not get better than this . . .

We stop at Havasu RM 156.7 and have a brief hike - my photos here were on the lost d10 card - thanks to John Zambrano and Jeff Eorio for the Havasu photos

John Zambrano provided the next 2 photos

seven Jeff Eorio's Havasu photos
starting with the great one of a heron 

falls near entrance to Havasu

the high water mark is well above the creek - flooding two years ago did major damage

14:00e mixing of the Havasu Creek blue green water with the muddy Colorado

back to my photos
14:04 we return from Havasu and reboard the boat

we head on downriver
14:38 raven checks us out

 14:50 fresh limestone break

15:06 pour-off in a side canyon

15:13 did I mention "more big horn than I ever saw in one day!" before?

 see the duck?

16:08 yet another big horn in below eye test

there he is

16:27 we pass Red Slide (a large slide in the Supai at RM176) - notice the pillars of rubble eroded out of the main slide - each pillar is protected by a capstone

detail of a capstone with the rubble below it

16:44 lava boulders on slope above Tapeats

17:09 with the sun going down we are looking for a camp

finally - we get the last camp before Lava Falls
18:12 groover at Above Lava Camp

18:14 this is the path to the groover - no bare feet here!

18:33 relaxing in the chair circle

evening is the perfect time to catch up with one's daily entries in their journal

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