Friday, November 25, 2011

Magazines I subscribe to and their RSS status

Revised Mar 2104 Magazines I subscribe to/read - rss==in my reader
cIDs authoritative source (drop/add realtime) - this copy less often:
EE Times rss
EE Times Embedded Archive link 

ESD Embedded Systems Design 
EDN Electronic Design News rss 
Electronic Design http://electronicdesign RSS
Design News Sherlock Ohms & Designed By Monkeys - rss
Design News (UBM) - rss
Electronic Products - rss
T&MW Test and Measurement World - rss
VSD Vision Systems Design - rss Boards/Fact Auto
Assembly get paper copy - rss
MH&L Material Handling & Logistics News - rss
HPAC Engineering NOrss
Control Engineering LP;NOrss
Plant Engineering NOrss
IMPO Industrial Maintenance and Plant Operation NOrss KillList
TMCnet rss
ECN Electronic Component News - rss
DE Desktop Engineering - rss
EEandT Energy Efficiency and Technology - rss
NASA Tech Briefs - rss
Military and Aerospace Electronics NOrss follow channels
Avionics Intelligence Newsletter - email
Defense Systems - rss
Lightwave NOrss
Wireless Design and Development NOrss
CED Broadband focus rss
IW Industry Week - rss
Business Solutions - NOrss
LFW Laser Focus World - rss
BioOptics World - rss
R&D Magazine - rss
Chemical Processing - rss
BioPharm - rss
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - rss
Drug Discovery and Development - NOrss
Medical Design Technology - rss 
Medical Design Briefs - NOrss (was but cannot find now) sister pub of NASA tech briefs
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry - rss
Suppliers to Medical Industry rss (in gReader; MPMN&blog articles good)
InfoTech Spotlight content at rss
TN TechNet rss (for security notices)
Baseline Mag get paper copy - rss
InformationWeek rss rss
MCM rss
SCMR Supply Chain Management Review rss
PC World rss
PC Mag digital edition Zinio on iPad/PC rss

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