Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 River Trip Day 10 10/3 Stone Camp rm132.5 - Stone Creek upper sections hike

2011 River Trip Day 10 Stone Camp rm132.5 - Stone Creek upper sections hike

bfast Mexican Eggs
dinner salad w/tomatoes, artichoke hearts and choc brownies
lunch make your own sandwich to take on hike
we wake up early in 122 Mile Camp
Breakfast was ready at 6AM - below is the fantastic Mexican Eggs we had

my campsite at 122 Mile Camp

06:25 early sun hits BA and Redwall across river from our camp (we are on river right)

06:39 many ravens at this camp

06:50 sunrise is very nice this morning

ravens were even checking out the boats - we lost nothing on this trip which was doing well as ravens take anything not nailed down.
06:53 Groover at 122 mile camp

 07:21 ready to leave camp

07:58 BA topped with dolomite

08:18 this mornings reflections are nice!

08:42 we pass Randy's Rock (a bad place to strand a boat) - read the story of Randy Breckenridge here  

 10:22 we have stopped at Stone Camp for a long hike up Stone Canyon -way above Stone Creek falls for almost 5 hours - as we get ready to leave camp for the hike I took the photo of the "green hair" algae growing along the river

 10:29 we do not stop at lower Stone Creek falls but head up a steep trail downstream of it to bypass the falls and head up canyon

 10:40 we are high above the falls on our bypass route

10:43 looking up the canyon we are going up - we will top out near the middle layer at a waterfall almost two hours up

11:13 photos of the hikers at our stops along the way up canyon

 11:13 we get closer . . .

 Dennis Smoldt

 James Rayment

11:20 we see a lot of flowers on this hike - this was a wet summer giving us a riparian feel (dense in spots) and more plants in bloom than I typically see late in the season

 crimson monkeyflower

yellow flower I did not ID

more crimson monkeyflowers (a lot of these in/beside the stream)

11:36 bee checking out a large yellow flower

12:15 a fall finally ends our hike

we stop here for our snacks/lunch
12:15 Alana and Tom Martinez

12:15 waterfall at end of our Stone Canyon hike 

 12:21 everyone relaxes and eats their snack (next 4 photos)


 13:00 we start back and soon pass this arch site

13:29 we get rain on return hike - below Jack leads the way

13:33 Tabitha on downclimb

pictures of our fast hike down canyon in the rain

14:01 Tabitha and Sarol Gay
14:02 nice supergroup cuts

 14:06 red flower - Scarlet Lobelia Cardinal Flower (?)

 14:22 Sarol Gay

 14:23 even got one of myself

 14:24 Jackie

13:31 soon we climb high for the bypass of the Stone Creek Falls - seen below and left of Jackie then in zoom below

16:27 my campsite at rm132.5 Stone Camp

 17:59 we see a double rainbow - first is original and 2nd photo has boosted contrast to make it more apparanet

18:31 great hot chili sauce - I ordered a case of 6 from when we got back - thanks AzRa!!


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