Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 River Trip Day 13 10/6 Below Red Slide rm175 National Canyon/Mohawk Canyon hikes

2011 River Trip Day 13 10/6 Below Red Slide rm175 National Canyon/Mohawk Canyon hikes

breakfast pancakes buttery syrup and sausages
lunch multigrain; horse radish jalapenos and avocado; chicken salad/craisons/ celery/onions/almonds/apples
dinner thai curry turkey in coconut milk (great); desert pineapple upside down cake

06:38 after an entire night of heavy rain we see that National Canyon had flooded and poured mud into the Colorado river - all the colour here is from National Canyon

 06:38 I was totally soaked from sheets of water flowing thru camp
 as was Jim Jolly who had it even worse with a creek forming and flowing thru his camp
 06:435 camp ravens
 06:43 sunrise finish colours clouds

06:54 rock formation above camp looks like hen on her nest
 06:54 looking up National Canyon - we will hike up this later
 07:34 after breakfast my camp is stilling drying out and because we will hike national before starting downriver both Jim Jolly and I will get some things dry or partially dry

 07:54 we are hiking up National Canyon - we start out in the creek and spend some time wet but this is fun

 08:07 some time is on ledges, some clambering and some time is spent in the creek but this is a really fun hike all around
 08:07 early in the hike there are several more narrow slow sections
 08:08 with a lot of rise and mud falls
 08:08 still a lot of water flowing - we can see bathtub ring indications it was quite a bit higher last night
 08:16 we take it easy on this hike to enjoy the scenary

 08:16 Tabitha and Sarol Gay
 08:20 our trunaround spot - several of the experienced climbers play around a waterfall having fun trying to get past it while we watch and take photos

 08:56 National Canyon has several large wide views shown below - it is one of my favorite hikes on multiple river trips
 09:43 we are on the boats and heading downriver - Jim and I will be drying clothes and camp gear tonight but made some progress during the hike

 10:46 tied up for Mohawk Canyon hike
 12:06 Mohawk Canyon is a very nice hike and we took time to enjoy it

 12:08 lots of fun clambering
 12:16 wet rock slick in spots but no real trouble - just fun
 12:21 Mohawk was very lush with lots of seaps feeding vegetation 
 12:24 arch site up Mohawk
 12:39 big scenary

 12:42 a lot of ledge hiking
 12:45 canyon opens up and hike continues
 13:13 we reach our turnaround point - blocked by a pool and large rock

 13:43 everyone enjoys some down time

 13:51 but all too soon we get ready to hike back
 14:07 on the return hike

 15:06 back at our boats, we ba=oard and head downriver
 15:22 heading downriver
 15:55 we spot Red Slide ahead on river right
 15:56 Red Slide is a rock-slide in the Supai which eroded into pretty hoodoos standing on a steep slope 

detail of some hoodoos

 16:09 Teddy rowing hard to get us into camp at Below Redslide RM176

 17:06 boats unloaded with Jim Jolly and myself setting out camp gear to dry out

 17:06 very nice camp area - great views downriver

 17:48 diving board rock formation above camp
 18:03 obligatory groover photo
 18:04 view from groover


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