Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 River Trip Day 12 10/5 National Canyon rm166.5 Havasu hike, big rain soaked camp

2011 River Trip Day 12 National Canyon rm166.5 Havasu hike, big rain soaked camp

breakfast bagels, eggs hot sauce also cream cheese and salmon
lunch First Chance rm157.7 tortillas, cheese, avocados hot sauce
dinner my notes are missing

major rain - totally soaked but still FUN!

07:46 morning in camp

07:47 ready to head downriver
08:10 Teddy telling another Canyon story
08:16 Muav ledges
08:34 little fall in Muav
09:14 lush area before Matkat
09:14 nice flowers
10:24 we pull into Havasu with some boats tied up in the river channel and these in the Havasu canyon flow
10:24 start of hike for those tied up in river channel
10:34 we climb up and over to reach main Havasu Canyon entry - here looking down on boats
10:34 this is the ascent from river
10:39 thanks Jim Jolly for shooting me in Havasu
10:45 enjoying the blue waters of Havasu
10:47 Travertine ruined by flood in 2008
10:50 hiking up Havasu
10:53 motor pool area where most will relax
10:55 did I mention relaxing?

11:00 some climb a large rock to relax in the sun
11:00 others cross the creek to enjoy the water
11:01 this is the same giant rock Rob Elliott climbed on my 2008 AzRa trip
11:04 playing in the blue green waters
11:05 I climbed up the side of the canyon a bit to get a photo of the group on top of the big rock near the pools we will play in

11:19 I joined the rest of the party down in the canyon to get photos of everyone
Sarol Gay on left, Tabitha on right

11:22 crossing the creek on the return to the boats

11:36 Ocotillo above Havasu Canyon as we climb to tthe ridge on exit
11:37 soon our boats come into sight

we proceed downriver to our lunch stop at First Chance rm158.5
12:24 here is a little pouroff just upriver of our lunch spot that several climbed

13:03 long legged spider at lunch camp

13:19 leaving lunch stop

13:49 heading downriver

14:27 a nice big horn on river right

16:18 we are at National Camp
16:24 National Camp groover
16:24 view from groover


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