Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 River Trip Day 11 10/4 Hell's Kitchen rm144 Kanab Canyon Hike, Marlboro Man rock

2011 River Trip Day 11 10/4 Hell's Kitchen rm144 Kanab Canyon Hike, Marlboro Man rock

breakfast english muffins, eggs, potatoes
lunch 12 grain w/horse radish sauce, avocados, pastrami hot mustard salted nuts
dinner Dennis cooked chopped chicken and veggies for another  fine southwestern dinner - guac, salsa, chicken and more

06:16 sunrise
 great sky in the morning

08:12 we board the boats and head downriver
 08:13 leaving raven to chckout our clean camp

08:44 Owl Eyes rm 134.5

08:48 pretty unconformity

08:59 passing Locomotive train rock formation

09:08 Deer Creek pullin is occupied - past it we see bottom of Surprise Valley slump

09:09 passing Deer Creek Falls

09:11 looking up at Surprise Valley slump - (multiple cubic kilometer scale)mega-slide from rim all the way down and up the other side of river (as we will see)

09:13 slide extends up other side of river (river left)

09:19 Arch Site on river left

10:49 we stop at Kanab for lunch and a long hike - lots of deep mud at start but a great hike with shade from a hot sun

11:42 hiking up Kanab

13:12 Tom Martinez and Alana

13:12 Jack

Dennis Smoldt


Michael Schar and Daniel Herzka

Sarol Gay in center

views from rest/turn around spot

13:32 James Rayment and I hiked up Kanab a few hundred yards further

13:47 James Rayment and I hiking Kanab Canyon
 James Rayment
 13:49 the whole mob relaxing near our turnaround point

15:58 rock formation above Hell's Kitchen Camp
is it Marlboro Man or a flying saucer?

16:15 Hell's Kitchen Groover

17:04 camp sweet cemp - Bill's campsite - great rock furnature

18:07 kitchen boxes ready for dinner

18:08 Dennis cooking

18:11 sunset was very nice

18:19 evening hacky sack game


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