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2011 River Trip Day 3 9/26 Little Nankoweap camp m51.9 Saddle Canyon and Little Nankoweap hikes

2011 River Trip Day 3 9/26 Little Nankoweap camp m51.9 Saddle Canyon and Little Nankoweap hikes

Breakfast was Mediterranean Eggs - artichoke hearts, feta cheese, tomatoes, spinach (this batch had some green onions which are optional but nice).
Lunch was tortillas with salad
Dinner was Mexican and had a fancy salad with a river of cheese

05:40 Sun was not up when I (eagerly) got up and packed for what was going to be a long day

 06:13 EB Campsite - the Paco pads used by AzRa are luxurious compared to my backpacking gear (they are also pricey to buy yourself/and heavy)

 06:26 cooking breakfast - great Mediterranean Eggs - artichoke hearts, feta cheese, tomatoes, spinach (and green onions in this batch)

 06:34 toad near waters edge - shared our campsite

 07:53 EB groover (tried to get groover photos at each camp)

 08:23 great river reflections as we start downriver

 09:00 we arrive at Saddle Canyon, grab water/snacks and here at 09:17 we have started our hike with a quick climb

 09:20 a look back upriver after the initial climb

 09:29 Teddy explains the hanging valley we have arrived at and points out Devonian River Channel deposits (same rock as the  Temple Butte Limestone that forms thick deposits in lower grand canyon)

 09:32 see the "smiley face" above Michelle head - that is one of several fine examples of Devonian river channel deposits we see on this hike

other photos of the same smiley face - early sunlight was hitting just at the deposit making it harder to ID than normal

09:47 soon we enter the shaded Saddle Canyon upper section - this is a rich riparian canyon where I have seen a lot of flora/fauna (including deer) on other trips - below is a Crimson Monkey Flower

canyon we walked thru

09:58 we reach a little waterfall and climb up it to a grotto with a large fall stopping forward progress.  This is a great spot to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

 detail of the waterfall we climbed

 10:10 Jackie taking photos - Michael to right

Tom Martinez, Joe Ferdinand, Bill Merrow, Edmund Ferdinand - thanks Jackie for taking this photo using the SX30 

 10:22 climbing the waterfall

10:24 view from below the fall we climbed 

 Michele, Alana, Teddy, Katie, Holly

 below is the large fall stopping our progress

relaxing at the fall in the grotto

  in the canyon

10:12 Joe and Edmund

our lunch stop was nice today

lunch was tortillas and salad - it was great AzRa food (of course there is nothing like a hike to create appetite) 

by 12:50 we were headed down the river again
12:59 here is Jim Jolly rowing

 13:28 Scenery today was really special

14:09 ducks on sandbar along the river 

13:36 did I mention the fantastic scenery today?

15:20 we stop at Little Nankoweap camp and setup - we will be doing a hike up Little Nankoweap

Dennis on Little Nankoweap hike

17:42 scenes in camp after our return from Little Nankoweap hike

groover at Little Nankoweap Camp 

view from groover 

sunset first night at Little Nankoweap Camp 

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