Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 River Trip Day 5 9/28 Lava Camp (rm66) Nankoweap Granary AM hike and Lava PM hike

2011 River Trip Day 5 Lava Camp (rm66) Nankoweap Granary AM hike and Lava PM hike

breakfast fresh melon, salad, french toast and left over steak
lunch Dolmas (Greek rice rolled in grape leaves) sandwich avocados on whole grain; pocket pita filled with salad
dinner stuffed pork, great salad and grits (fantastic!!)

We had an early start with breakfast prepared in the dark by the fine AzRa crew

07:22 fresh water setup filter system photos - ganged two "whole house" sized filters using a deep discharge marine battery that lasts the whole trip

07:52 we board the boats for the brief ride from our Nanko upper camp to the main Nanko beach for a hike up to the Nankoweap Graneries 

08:19 Nanko beach preparing to hike up to the graneries

looking down on the trail (and downriver) from the graneries

group at graneries

SarolGay and Tabitha

Joe Ferdinand and Gary Stock

Michele Liou

Dennis Smoldt

Ty Powers and Edmund Ferdinand

Ty Powers and Edmund Ferdinand with group

09:03 Sarol Gay, James Rayment and Gary Stock

We hike back to the boats, board and head on downriver

We hike back to the boats, board and head on downriver

10:20 BA exposure

10:21 BA Exposure with river deposit on top

11:45 LCR running muddy - real muddy with silt bar visible

we stop anyway and look at the LCR

we proceed downriver to Carbon beach where we will have lunch and prepare to hike up Carbon, down the Chuar Valey to and out Lava Canyon - the boats will be rafted downriver without us

12:59 lunch table with sun umbrella

12:59 Stromatolite on Carbon Beach

13:10 another Stromatolite note the concentric circles from layers of deposits

14:14 bottom of big slide we are going to climb up to access hanging Tapeats slot

14:22 soon we top out - notice just how steep the slide was

14:24 incredible view

14:30 we are all in the Tapeats slot canyon and proceed to its end

14:36 first sight of Butte Fault

14:40 Temple Butte above Butte Fault

14:41 Chuar Valley Supergroup Deposits with North Rim in background

14:41 Temple Butte over Butte Fault

we take a break in the shade at the end of the Tapeats slot - before entering Chuar Valley - we need to give time to the boat crew who rafted downriver and the rest was welcome.

as usual for downtime - a hacky sack game (aka footbag game) breaks out - can you spot the hacky sack below in the air?

14:55 SarolGay relaxing

14:55 Tabitha

15:00 Chuar Valley hike - hiking on Supergroup deposits

25:13 fossil mudcracks

15:21 brightly coloured carbonate deposits

15:26 descending into Lava Canyon

15:36 hiking on and thru Dox

16:05 we soon reach the water at Lava Canyon Rapid - across the river is the Lava Canyon Rapid sentinel - Cardenas Lava topped with Tapeats

we are camping here at Lava beach and unload the boats, pick out campsites and setup camp and have dinner

18:02 boats tied up at Lava Beach

18:03 dinner cleanup

18:07 obligatory groover photo

18:07 view from groover

18:07 Lava Camp views are great!


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