Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 River Trip Day 7 9/30 Trinity Camp rm 92 Phantom Ranch stop Trinity Hike

2011 River Trip Day 7 9/30 Trinity Camp rm 92 Phantom Ranch stop Trinity Hike

breakfast english muffins
lunch chicken breast thin slices hot mustard, avocados, tomatoes on multi-grain
dinner brats w/sauerkraut 

06:25 wakeup at Zoroaster Camp

06:49 notice the great sky

07:29 Ready to board the boats

07:30 ready check

07:30 Tom Martinez and Alana

07:46 Grant and Ty Powers

08:23 we reach the boat beach for Phantom Ranch hike

08:25 Jim Jolly on the way to Phantom

09:03 at Phantom Ranch canteen

09:03 relaxing at Phantom Ranch

09:04 Michael and Chris at Phatom

09:26 Black Bridge

09:26 we return to boat beach

09:30 sand wasp

10:08 waiting at Pipe Creek - we pickup Daniel Herzka and Michael Schar

12:03 after a wait we do the pickup and head downriver to Trinity Camp

12:30 we pull in at Trinity

13:12 we have offloaded much of the camp and have time for a hike

13:50 approaching Trinity

13:56 Trinity Canyon Climb

13:57 Trinity climb

14:04 hiking up Trinity

14:06 shhhh - this rattlesnake is sleeping

14:30 end point for Trinity hike

14:23 Dennis Smoldt gets a break

14:35 Jim Jolly

14:36 Bil Merrow

14:37 Daniel Herzka and Michael Schar

14:37 break time
 14:40 everyone takes a break

14:52 I back up and scout out potential bypasses for the fall that blocks us - this talus slope looked very promising

15:07 Sarol Gay

15:22 heading back down Trinity

15:37 rattlesnake is still sleeping . . .

15:45 downclimb

15:45 fun part of downclimb

15:54 the quick way down

16:12 groover view at Trinity
16:12  groover

16:12 lizard at my campsite - tough lizrd not killed by my socks

17:34 preparing dinner


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