Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 River Trip Day 14 10/7 Whitmore Camp rm188 Whitmore overlook hike

2011 River Trip Day 14 10/7 Whitmore Camp rm188 Whitmore overlook hike

breakfast eggs made to order, bagels
lunch multi-grain avocado, onions, tomatoes
dinner note missing but desert was spice cake

06:18 sunrise in Below Redslide Camp
 08:20 Dennis explains the model of lava he built - he covers the key features we will see and the ones we wish to AVOID
 09:02 Vulcan's Anvil
 09:36 Lava scout pictures

 09:41 pointing out features we need to avoid
 09:41 especially the large black rock visible just below water

 10:05 Lava is soon behind us and we continue downriver - we are all wet but (importantly) all fine (Jody did almost get tossed out of his boat when an oar broke but he avoided trouble and was just fine)

 10:13 lava filled the canyon forming a huge dam - we see remains in next two images

 11:17 lunch stop - great place to dry out our gear and get a bite to eat

 12:16 the usual hacky sack game breaks out
 13:28 we near Whitmore where we will be hiking up to the overlook - actually hiking out of Grand Canyon Park proper into Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument
 14:01 view from part way up upriver

 14:03 downriver view (next two images)

 14:39 relaxing at our turnaround point
 14:45 Jim Jolly at Whitmore Overlook

14:4x we are not in Kansas anymore (nor in Grand Canyon proper)

14:47 we note the volcanic remnant that produced a lot of the lava and basalt we see around us
 14:48 you can see a lot of basalt and other volcanic deposits below

14:48 columnar basalt formation extend all the way from overlook top down to river
 14:56 Jody at Whitmore Overlook
 15:53 back at river level we are ready to continue downriver
 16:55 my campsite at Whitmore Camp

16:26 sunset view

 18:23 great magazine I was introduced to and now subscribe to - thanks Teddy!

Moon image taken with SX30 super-zoom handheld (lucky shot)


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