Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 River Trip Day 9 10/2 122 Mile Camp Garnet Canyon and Elves Chasm hikes

2011 River Trip Day 9 10/2 122 Mile Camp Garnet Canyon and Elves Chasm hikes

breakfast bagel, ham eggs, hot sauce
lunch 12 grain pastrami, horse radish, cheese
dinner stir fry with cabbage and peanut oil (fantastic) plus great salad

0000 Moon view from prior night

06:48 breakfast

06:58 sunrise view

07:55 arch site

07:17 carnivorous limestone I climbed

soon we are on the water and headed downriver (leaving around 08:00)
08:44 we go thru a little rapid
 08:45 to continue but soon stop at Garnet Canyon hike (a bit after 09:00)
 09:22 Garnet Canyon hike - lots of mica in this boulder
 09:35 we have climbed above the beach where we dropped our boats
 09:42 climb continues
 09:42 view of river - we are at Tapeats on our side
 09:45 view after we reach top of Tapeats

 09:58 bypass water
 09:59 we continue up canyon
 09:59 this is a great hike!
 10:04 Sarol Gay hiking
 10:05 we all continue
 10:05 river cobbles in a concretion
 10:06 Dennis shows how to do a high bypass of some rancid water
 10:09 doing the bypass
 10:21 view from above
 10:32 continue hike
 11:02 our turnaround point - we all relax
 11:19 still relaxing
 11:31 we turn around and start the climb down
 11:34 continue down - what comes up from the river must return down to the river
 12:16 start of final downclimb
 12:21 it is easier than it looks here
 12:37 back at boats and ready to head downriver
 13:49 we head downriver and here approach Elves Chasm for our next hike
 14:17 Elves Chasm

 14:22 a number jump into the water to ensure they get cool enough
 14:28 climbing down from Elves Chasm
 14:34 back at the boats
 14:44 soon we are heading downriver again

14:53 we pass a nice example of great unconformity

14:58 Tapeats at river level again
 15:49 approaching camp at 122 mile

16:07 cat tracks by my camp

16:35 BA topped with Dolomite above our camp - I climbed to base of BA
16:35 BA topped by Dolomite - another view

16:37 view from my destination about camp

17:39 sun down where we are but still bright above us
 17:41 washer toss game
 17:42 my campsite
 18:11 sunset


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