Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2008 Day 8 - Sept 20 mile 151.3-175.9 Below Red Slide Camp

Day 8 - Sept 20 mile 151.3-175.9 Below Red Slide Camp part 1

Day 8 passing Ledges - this was a nice boulder field to hike thru - river is still red but is just starting to clear

Mile 152ish we pass a nice waterfall in the Muav at river edge - from the debris we can see even this little pouroff feeds boulders and sediment into the river

Mile 153.5 08:22 Sinyella Rapid

Mile 154 this was a beautiful day - and one of the clearest I have seen in the Grand Canyon - I believe air clarity was as good as I have seen in a looong time

Mile 154.8 rockfall in Muav Groge created island in mid river

Detail at lower right of Muav pouroff - note someone left the shower running

Mile 155 Louise convinced me this was a great way to experience the river trip - and she was RIGHT!  Muav Gorge was grand

Mile 156.2 Havasu Rapid and Canyon is just around the bend ahead

Mile 156.7 09:00 We tie up to the Muav ledges for our hike into Havasu Canyon

End of Part 1 - Day 8 continued

While hiking as usual I just post the time as it is all around river mile 156.7 we walk back a bit to enter Havasu Canyon

09:11 we get our first look into Havasu Canyon

09:12 the mixing of the waters . . .

09:15 we turn the corner and this is a magical place

09:18 We cross the creek (with care)

09:22 A little easy hiking

09:40 And an easy climb or two

And we reach the motor pool and spread out and enjoy a couple hours

Lounging around

In this paradise

Rob knows the best places

All so soon it's time to head back

And head on down river

End of Part 2 - Day 8 to be continued

3rd and final part for day 8 - we head downriver after spending a few hours hiking Havasu Canyon (3 hours and 35 minutes but who watches time in the GC)

12:30 Rob climbs up to remove a mooring rope

Mile 157 And we head down river

to a lunch spot around First Chance

Ed scouts then climbs up a pouroff to see what lies above

It was a pretty spot

We head downriver again

Enjoying the ride as we pass small camps

And big horn

Great scenery

Mile 175 Red Slide is a landslide in the Supai

Rubble towers protected from erosion by capstones

Detail showing the capstones

View from Below Red Slide Camp

Chair Circle in Below Red Slide Camp

Groover view - one of the best

End of Part 3 - Day 8 is done

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