Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2008 Day 10 - Sept 22 mile 215.6-225 Diamond Creek

Day 10 - Sept 22 mile 215.6-225 Diamond Creek

Last Day - and another great place to wake up

Mile 216 we camped adjacent to this lava flow overlaying old river gravels and Tapeats

Our totally fantastic AZRA team (Ed, Cassey, Louise, Rob) they rock (had to have a geology connection for this geology log)

Last Geology talk by Wayne - focus is on the upcoming Hurricane Fault plus impact of volcanism in this part of the canyon

Mile 216 08:43 area - impact of lava/volcanism remains clear



Mile 220 09:15 eroded Diamond Creek pluton in mid channel - we see this periodically until we pull out

Mile 222.8 09:36 Diamond Peak ahead - Redwall Limestone forms the peak with Proterozoic rocks visible at river level


Mile 226 09:46 fluting in granitic rocks of the Diamond Creek pluton - this forms the walls just before Diamond Creek and is part of the Ruby Creek Superunit

All things come to an end and we leave the river at Mile 225 (group photo below was actually taken 9/15)

End of Part 1 - Day 10 is done, 2008 river trip is over

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