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2010 River Trip Day 4B - 9/15 from Carbon Camp to Clear Creek RM84.8 part 2

Day 4 part 2 - we started at Carbon Camp in part 1 and end at Clear Creek Camp

11:44 we rejoin the boat and are soon back on the river
11:44 upriver view

We saw many birds on this trip - here is a fly by action photo (from 9/15/2009)

11:45 tilted supergroup strata

 river right supergroup deposits 

And again

11:46 we see the canyon opening up around us and a wide open section ahead - this is supergroup and the widest part of the Grand Canyon - ahead is Unkar delta

11:55 after we proceed downriver into the wider section - looking back

12:02 Lava on left with supergroup sedimentary rock on right

12:09 river channel deposits

12:15 lots of greenery in this section - nice contrast with the red Dox

12:35 RM71.6 our lunch stop is Cardenas Camp - I run up to hilltop ruin - this is a view from part way up looking towards the boat

12:42 Hilltop Ruin
and the ruin in context with its incredible surrounding area - looking east
12:42 Here is a pan including portions of the supergroup exposures to the south of Hilltop Ruin

Boats at camp across river from Hilltop Ruin

12:53 looking to the left of the ruin towards Unkar delta (across river from our stop)
I run back down to the boat - stopping only to fall once - grab a quick sandwich and am told about a rattle snake I just had to see

13:15 we get back on the river and proceeding down we pass some fantastic scenery

13:35 Wayne points out Angles Gate on the north rim (a popular tourist spot) - here is an sx20 shot from the river

13:36 Here is an sx20 zoom of Angels Gate

Below are some 2002 photos of Angel Gate taken at north rim - the background visible thru the gate and to the left is the Unkar delta and some of the area where we stopped

Here is a 2002 photo of the area we stopped including Cardenas Camp, Unkar overlook and the (invisible in this photo) Hilltop Ruin

We proceed down the river - things were uneventful until a big bang going thru a rapid
15:32 The boat bucked - Ed got thrown against boat joint and banged up - but ice works wonders as you can see below

15:42 looking at canyon walls rising

15:46 we are well into the inner canyon area

we camp at Clear Creek and quickly pick camp sites
16:01 Jeff sets up

Beth, Jeff, Kevin and I decide to hike up and over from the camp into Clear Creek proper

16:49 starting up the creek

17:00 small frog on wall

17:08 Clear Creek fall ahead - bypass is on left (creek right)

17:08 notice we have a shower with two jets

17:11 I had been looking forward to this all day (hoping we would camp within reach of a waterfall and this is as good as it gets)

17:12 Beth agrees

17:13 so do Kevin and Jeff

17:24 all too soon we turn back - here is a view up a side chute that appears to make it out of Clear Creek (several do on this side - getting up the other requires climbing the waterfall)

Kevin Eorio photo of Jeff up Clear Creek

17:34 returning down Clear Creek canyon we notice this debris flow up high on creek left

Detail of another section of debris flow

17:58 groover photo - this one was REALLY not a trek for bare feet in the dark

17:58 view towards camp 

18:25 great location for the chair circle - flat beach was difficult to find but the view and companionship fantastic

dinner was brats, hot dogs, hamburgers, sauerkraut
desert was a very nice brownie cooked in the dutch oven

my camp was on downriver end with nice rock ledges for shelves steep slope

end of part 2

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