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2009 Day 8 Sept 20 166.5-213 from National Canyon to Pumpkin Spring

Subject: Sept 2009 Geology River Trip - Day 8 Sept 20 from National Canyon mile 166.5 to Pumpkin Spring mile 213

Day 8 from National Canyon to Pumpkin Spring camp at mile 213
166 National Canyon camp start
168 Fern Glen Canyon - nice climb past chockstone to fall
175 Red Slide
178 Vulcan Anvil
179 Lava Falls
213 Pumpkin Spring camp

06:48 Sunrise at National Canyon Camp

07:30 we eat breakfast, load the boat and head on down the river by 07:47

08:06 ahead above our put in for Fern Glen is a deposit of Surprise Canyon formation (atop Redwall)
 here is a detail showing the deposit as a lens in a channel atop redwall - similar to how Temple Butte deposits typically form atop Muav

08:12 we stop at Fern Glen Canyon for a quick hike up to Fern Glen Grotto

 08:17 Canyon ahead

08:21 Fern Glen closes in

08:24 pool at end of easy part of hike with large chock stone

08:31 Mike Mayer climbs and tells me it is easy - here Mike photo from top as I pocket my d10 before going into the pool

08:33 Bill starts up (thanks Mike Mayer/Drew who said it was "easy" and to Mark Combs who took this photo)

08:34 Bill near top of chimney and at top

(Mark Combs photo)

08:34 view from top of chock stone just climbed

08:35 Bill taking photos at top (Mark Combs photo)

08:35 grotto above chock stone - we hike up this

08:40 we spot Monkey Flowers amid ferns (yes, that is my butt dirty from chimney moves to get up to this level)

08:40 we encounter another blockage and bypass by climbing Muav ledges on left

08:41 but very soon we see a water fall ending the hike for us

08:44 but Drew and Brandon continue

 even this much was a nice climb, but Drew goes further

Drew showing he can climb anything!

soon we run out of time as we have miles to go today we head back . . . 
08:43 more Monkey Flowers on our way back

08:44 this is a great little canyon!

08:57 Mike Mayer climbing down with Bill at top

08:58 Bill Climbing down

09:00 Bill after Fern Glen climb

while we were continuing past the chockstone, the rest of the crew had a guess whose feet photo shoot - some of these shots are copied below


09:30 we reboard the boat and head on down river – great early AM reflection

09:31 Seep at bottom of pouroff – great scenery


10:04 Passing another group of bighorn sheep

10:04 Survey rig (on rock; centered near bottom) – one of more than a dozen we saw today

10:05 View down river

10:10 Red Slide rm175 is a large scale rotational landslide in the Supai - cap stones protected towers of rubble left when erosion removed material around them

10:44 rm178 Obligatory photo of Vulcan Anvil

10:46 BA Shale exposure

10:49 Classic canyon exposures before lava dominates the scene

10:49 Looking ahead massive lava flows dominate

10:56 Great morning reflection poses for us

10:58 looking ahead at lava from volcanic vent on rim above

10:58 looking up steep canyon side as we move downriver

10:59 Dike detail - see it above river cobbles and then continue to cut thru old river deposits predating the flow

10:59 Hikers on lava trail (a hiker fell and died the same week we came thru here)

11:07 We stop and group inspects Lava Fals before we run it

11:10 looking across lava we see side canyon that is the source of debris flows forming this rapid – see how previous flows have scoured the channel

11:12 Lava Falls in person – someone is heard muttering “not afraid of no stinkin rapid” . . .

11:14 Columnar jointing in basalt flow visible from our perch above Lava

11:14 Drew, Wayne and Jim Corken scout Lava

We easily pass Lava and continue downriver

13:53 Unconformity we passed – we could have reached out from raft and touched it

14:03 One of todays Herons

14:08 Lava flows filled river channel for more than 80 miles – later the river eroded down thru the flow creating todays channel with lava ledges on both sides

14:08 Looking up at lava flow

14:09 Old river channel deposits under lava flow

15:20 Hot day so we stopped for a break and got wet

15:21 Everyone got wet, else they got “help” getting wet

15:24 It was a hot day; but it also was a beautiful day . . .

15:53 Enjoying the view and a little splash of water

15:53 Looking back at slide debris

We proceed downriver to Pumpkin Springs and camp there – this is a great camp site – one of a number of special ones on this trip

17:28 Groover at Pumpkin

17:29 View from Groover is exceptional

18:26 I was all ready for lava – thanks to Suzette for the loan of the bright BRIGHT top for the photo


18:37 Chair circle at Pumpkin 1

18:37 Chair circle at Pumpkin 2

Chair Circle at Pumpkin 3

18:41 Quick hike upriver from Pumpkin Camp for some of us

Mike jumped across to this block and climbed into a pound hole


Now what are you going to do . . .

Clambering along the Tapeats

Pumpkin poses at the end of the day

End of Day 8

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